About North East Fife Credit Union

North East Fife Credit Union Ltd (NEFCU) began in March 1999, solely in the Cupar area. In 2004 its Common Bond was expanded to incorporate all those resident or employed within the entire North East Fife district. Membership grew from 94 in 2000 to around 400 in March 2018.

NEFCU therefore meets the needs of a large widespread rural community, with a target customer base of approximately 76,00

Our Aims

We strive to provide a locally based, friendly, informal service, while maintaining strict standards of confidentiality, on a voluntary basis and at low cost. The credit union is wholly managed and operated by unpaid volunteers drawn from its membership.

​Of the 23 volunteers, 9 serve as members of the Board, which meets monthly. A small team runs the back-office operation at their office in Castlehill, Cupar, rented from Castlehill Association.

Our Aims

• Encourage members to save

• Use and control members’ savings, wholly for the benefit of members

• Educate members in the wise use of money

• Provide loans to members at a reasonable rate of interest

What You Need To Know

• We are a non-profit organisation, member owned and run.

• We are affiliated to the Scottish League of Credit Unions.

• Governed and authorised by the PRA and FCA.